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Commercial and Street dance are currently very popular and seen in many of today’s music videos, on TV and Film. Students will learn dances choreographed to the latest pop/chart music, with elements of both street, jazz and hip-hop styles. We offer all age ranges and levels, starting with Junior Street at age 5, progressing to Inter Street and then joining Commercial at age 13, all the way up to our Senior Commercial classes. Street and Commercial are a brilliant way of gaining self-confidence, self-expression, and are a great way of having fun and keeping fit.

Classes start with a lively warm up, progressing to routines which are learnt half termly. Student’s learn the basics of popping, locking and breaking and incorporate these into their routines. We offer ISTD Examinations in Street Dance, and hold several examinations in this throughout the year.


Jazz Technique is taught as a free class at CFDA and is a great class to take to have fun and to improve your technique. The class works on strength, flexibility, technical exercises and a routine. Jazz Tech focuses on the fundamental jazz skills required, including kicks, leaps, turns, and jumps. All of which, when combined with any other dance genre will help to improve technique and performance ability. Classes will push you to jump higher, leap further and turn with great skill. We offer jazz classes from age 10 upwards.


Ballet is considered to be the foundation of all dance disciplines & styles. It focuses on good posture, correct alignment, strength & stamina, also flexibility.

We offer pre-school ballet for children aged 2.5 upwards – where they are taught basic ballet technique – walking, skipping, marching, jumping, hopping. The pre-school classes are fun & imaginative using songs, storytelling & props in each lesson to add to the fun!

From the age of 5 students will move into the Primary RAD Ballet class, which is slightly more structured following the RAD syllabus. At this level the class is still very much fun and themed, the children can start to work towards their first ballet exam at the age of 6.

Exams are not compulsory; however, they teach children the relevant discipline, dedication and commitment needed for many aspects of general life.

Students can continue to progress through the RAD Grades 1-8, continually learning and developing their skills.


Students who are serious and committed to their classes can move onto the Vocational exams. Inter Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 & 2. These exams are challenging, and pupils are marked at a professional level, meaning months and often years of careful, regular practice in order to reach the required standard.

These classes are only suitable for students who are motivated, hardworking and prepared to attend at least 2 ballet classes a week.

The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus consists of a classical barre, centre practice, dances and pointe work. Basic pointe work is introduced at Inter-Foundation level, however each student will be assessed individually regarding when they are ready to start pointe work.


Tap is an African American art form. It is a popular style of dance, which can be seen all around the world. CFDA follow the ISTD tap syllabus, which is great for children to learn a good range of technique through this form of dance.

Children and students will learn to create rhythm and develop timing through the learning of tap exercises to upbeat music. We offer tap dancing classes for children aged four through to adults. The graded exams start at Primary level & goes through to Advanced 2.


Modern Theatre Dance can be often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. It develops strength and flexibility through the use of powerful dance movements such as high kicks, leaps and turns.

We follow the ISTD Syllabus, and offer classes from Grade 1 through to the Advanced Grades for students aged 4 to 18.

Modern Theatre Dance is highly energetic and enjoyable for students of all ages.


CFDA offer an adult ballet which is for mixed abilities, from absolute beginners to those who have had dance experience before. The class is great for fitness & mobility & is fun for all. It starts with barre work & moves in to the centre to work on turn out, technique & exercises for classical ballet.

We have an adult advanced tap class which is a popular class for those who are at a grade 5 level & upwards. This is a fast-paced class that works on technique & stamina. The adult tappers do usually perform in our shows at Walton High, which is great for confidence boosting & gives them a chance to do what they love on stage.

Adult yoga runs on a Thursday night – this class is great for strength, flexibility & self-care. The class incorporates the styles of flow, Hatha & always allows for a peaceful savasana at the end, giving you the time away from your busy lives that you need to reconnect with yourself.

Our adult dance fitness class is our newest adult class on the timetable & is a very popular way to sweat it out & keep fit. The class is very energetic – from salsa to the cha cha cha & the waltz – a great way to learn all of the Latin & ballroom steps whilst having fun & keeping fit.